Baby Showers 

Looking for a magical Baby Shower?

Add some magic to your Baby Shower, here at The Steel Cauldron!

Baby Showers

For a magical Baby Shower to remember, book into The Steel Cauldron! We love being a part of your memorable moments and aim to give you a magical experience that all ages will enjoy. Continue below to see what we can do to make your Baby Shower an extra special one:

Potion classes - Fancy trying out a bit of alchemy? Create your very own delicious potions, with the power to tantalise your taste buds. Our resident alchemist, Rune Hrafnsson, will lead you through your potion making class, but we promise they are a lot friendlier than some potion masters we know. 

Magicians - Magic! Tricks! Slight of hand! Embroil yourself in the mystical arts here at The Steel Cauldron. Our resident wizards will bewitch you with their fantastical tricks. Trust us when we say, don't trust anything you think you know. For the eyes are most unreliable. 

Crafts - What wizard is complete without their very own magical wand? Potent potion? Or mythical dragon egg? Create your very own here at The Steel Cauldron! Our resident dragons are on hand to scorch your creations with their fiery breath, so you can take your magical creations home.