Daytimes at The Steel Cauldron

We host our daytime services from 9.20am until 5.40pm each day (except Thursdays during term time). (please book especially during weekends)

You choose what you want to eat, drink and an OPTIONAL craft.

Currently we are busy during weekends and as such the session time is 1 hour 20 minutes.  However we often won't need the table back so you can relax and stay as long as you like at quiet times (midweek during term time).

Crafts cost £8 for each person that crafts.  Crafting is designed to appeal to all ages but only those that want to craft need to.

Food during craft services is limited to Wizards Tea, Shakes, Ice-creams and Cakes, whilst as ever the bar with a full selection of hot and cold drinks will be open.

  • Wand Making - our most popular and favourite activity. Make your own unique magic wand. 

  • Dragon Eggs - NEW - Make an amazing dragon egg from Polymer clay.  A fabulous new craft!

  • Pot Painting - Choose and paint a clay pot or model

  • Potion Bottle Making - Fill and decorate your own magic potion bottle

All activities are suitable for supervised children (probably about 5+) and also most enjoyable for older Wizards.  

FOOD - Before midday we serve breakfast (from £2.50 to £7.50) and then it is Wizards Tea, Paninis (and filled Cauldrons - midweek).

PARTIES - Our day time sessions are PERFECT for parties for the young and young at heart.  We have had 70th birthdays, hen parties, every age of kids birthdays, school leaving dos, anniversaries - the lot!  Just let us know what is going on.  If there are going to 8 0r less then book direct, if more than that then please call Rob on 07951 744140 to discuss best times etc).


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to book?

Yes, please book for every body in the building.  We need to know for allocating tables and social distancing how many people will be in the building. The deposits will be taken off your total bill.  We usually have room for walk-ins but it makes things easier if you book and you will definitely get in.

Do you do birthdays / celebrations?

Yes, we really want you to come and celebrate with us.  Just mention who is celebrating what when you book x

Can you cater for dietary requirements?

We do our best!  We do Wizards Tea as Gluten Free and Vegan versions and are used to dealing with various allergies and other dietary requirements.  We also have Gluten Free and Vegan breakfast options.

Do we have to craft?

Nope!  You can choose to do a craft or not.  We are happy if you just book and have Wizards Tea or craft and a cake or a toddler bag and a cocktail!

Check out the other FAQ's on our main FAQ page