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IT'S COMING HOME! - I can hardly believe this is happening, after 40+ years of watching England I am going to see us in a final.  SO EXCITING!  Come and join us at the Steel Cauldron for (possibly) a once in a life time experience.

A fun family friendly atmosphere, with food from Zorbas and a great bar.  Ice creams, coffees, cakes and kebabs available.

Your £5 deposit comes off the cost of your food and drink.

OVER 14's only (must be with a parent / guardian)

Strictly limited to 30 guests.

SUNDAY 11th July

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to book?

Yes, please book for every body in the building.  We need to know for allocating tables and social distancing how many people will be in the building. The deposits will be taken off your total bill.   There might be walk-in space on the night but seating is strictly limited to 30 so we strongly recommend booking.

Can I get food?

Sure can, check out the menu here (it is the ZORBA'S food we serve during football)

Can children come?

Absolutely, Under 12's need to be out by 8pm and over 14's can stay until 10pm.  So not suitable for under 14's as the game starts at the time they alas have to leave :(

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