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The Greatest Wizard Themed Tea room and Tavern in the World!


We are so excited to welcome everyone back to the Steel Cauldron, we can't wait to see your smiles and hear you laugh.

Rob and Nikki xxx

We are located at The Steel Cauldron, 3 Spooner Road, Sheffield, S10 5BL

 Open everyday (except Thursday during school times), booking advisable but not essential (please do book), breakfasts from 9.30am then Wizards Tea (around lunch time) followed by crafting then tavern time.

Children are very welcome (as is everyone) but under 14's need to be out of the bar by 8pm and 17-14 by 10pm.

We are taking bookings to the 5th September.  Check out the graphic below for a simple overview of what we do when (always check schedule and book online) - (school holiday schedule is slightly different)

An overview of our week