Steel Quizards Assemble - EVERY TUESDAY NIGHT!

Doors will open at 7.30 with the Quiz starting at 8.15pm and finishing by 10:30pm with last order at 11.


Prize for the winners, second to last and winner of the bonus weekly wizard round.


£5 booking fee will be deducted from any drinks and snacks you buy (no refund - so please spend a fiver)

Each week there will be an exciting option to take your prize or gamble for more!

Greek Food (standard, veggie, vegan and Gluten Free) available from our friends at Zorbas.

Probably the most magical quiz in the world!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to book?

Yes, please book for every body in the building.  We need to know for allocating tables and social distancing how many people will be in the building. The deposits will be taken off your total bill.   There might be walk-in space on the night but seating is strictly limited to 40 so we strongly recommend booking.

Can I get food?

Sure can, check out the menu here (it is the ZORBA'S food we serve on Tuesday Nights)

Can children come?

We are keen to encourage families to take part in activities together and as such have a licence that allows 14+ in the bar with an adult until 10pm.  Quiz Night might have questions and language with more adult themes but we feel it is suitable for reasonably broadminded parents with 14+ children.