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The Complete How To Guide

Make a magic wand

Join Sir Bazil (The Chief Wizard) and Arabella (Head Craft Witch) as they show you how to make your very own magic wand! 

How to train your Dragon Egg

Sir Bazil and Arabella guide us through the creation of dragon eggs

Creating Cauldron Creatures

Let your imagination run absolutely wild as you create your very own magical Cauldron Creature.

Trinkets and Treasures

Your Craft at Home kit also contains lot's of little jewellery and trinket making accessories.  Join our crafty twosome as Arabella makes a badge and Sir Bazil makes an awful skull ring...

Potion Bottle Design

We could not include a glass bottle in your kit but why not hunt out an unusual oven proof bottle and make your own magical potion.  Watch Sir Bazil and Arabella combine to make a bottle together,

Another couple of wands

We had so much fun making our first couple of wands that we just had to go again.  If you fancy watching us make another pair of magical wands then watch below.

Overview of Everything

We do hope you enjoyed your craft at home kit.  Why not gift one to a friend? We would love you to come and visit us at The Steel Cauldron, keep an eye on your emails for a special offer.  Have a magical time.  Sir Bazil, Arabella and The Steel Cauldron Team x

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