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 Birthday Parties 

Looking for a magical Birthday party?

Over the last 4 years over 700 people have celebrated their birthday with us, from 1 to 87 years old. Check out the information below to learn how you can have a magical birthday party at The Steel Cauldron

We offer two main types of kids birthday party

(depending on the number of people).


  • up to 8 people maximum (including adults). 

  • you can book onto any of our sessions (eg, Daytime (craft and food), Wizard School, Meet the owls  etc).

  • Daytime at The Cauldron is our main 'childrens party' session, crafts available: wand making/Potion Bottle making/Cauldron creature making/ Dragon Egg making or Pot Painting 

  • Food: for our kids parties we offer our Wizards Tea platters - a buffet form of our kids apprentice tea - Sand-witches, pretzels, crisps, popcorn, a mix of nibbly cakes, jelly beans, chocolate frogs & pizza slices. Jugs of juice are provided on your table upon arrival (free top ups)​​
  • Find a session on the day you want (schedule is a good way to find out what happens each day) - click the arrows next to the date to scroll

    • Make sure there are enough spaces for your party


      • How many children are attending; any dietary requirements; ​which craft the children would like to do; name and age of the party child

  • You are welcome to bring a cake, (which we can deliver with a rapturous round of HAPPY BIRTHDAY) and party bags

  • You can call us on 07411 975619 if you want to discuss but ideally book a small party direct

  • COST: £16 per child (£8 per craft and £8 per child for food)


  • We can do parties up to 70 people (seated) but these are not bookable online, we definitely need to discuss your requirements.

  • We can do kids parties up to a max of 30 children (total 46 people) and they last 1 1/2 hours. Parties over 20 people (incl. adults and children attending) are available on Saturday mornings from 10am or later on Saturday afternoons or after school. For parties under 20 people we can be a bit more flexible on times. Please get in touch via e-mail to discuss. Depending on the day and time the party would include, wizards tea platters and a craft activity (wands for larger parties, but happy to discuss options) - Price is approx £16 per head


We have hosted lot's of adult's birthday celebrations.  From tea for two up to booking the whole building we've got you covered. Book direct onto any of our sessions or if a larger gathering send us an email.

TO DISCUSS PARTY OPTIONS - please send an email to, letting us know the dates and times you are ideally wanting (you might need to be a bit flexible),  the name and age of the birthday person and approximate number of children and adults.  Please let us know your phone number as it is usually best to have a quick chat.


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