I can't add enough "participants" -  the system limits the number of "participants" in each slot (but we can take a couple more).  If you can't add enough "participants" just select and pay for the number you can and make a note of the actual number.  We will fit you in.  No need to call to confirm.


Babies - you don't need to pay if they are not wanting a Wizard's Tea.  Just let us know in the notes so we can get a high chair for you.

Location and Getting here - We are at 3 Spooner Road, Broomhill, Sheffield, S10 5BL.  There is great bus access with a bus stop about 20 metres away and a pay carpark at 70p per hour about 20 yards the other way.  It is patrolled by parking trolls so make sure you pay and don't overstay.  The carpark is located behind our building UP THE RAMP "the Broomhill Shopping Centre Car Park".  It is cash only :)


The Cauldron Club - This will give you access to the building and events etc for things we are doing in the future.  Once we are able to offer sufficient services we will charge £20 for a family and £10 for an individual per year.  You are getting it for free as part of your Wizards Tea.


What happens after December - Around the middle of each month we add our services and menu for the next month.  This is to allow us to take the right precautions to protect our guests and to launch new things based on feed back and demand.


Are you going to open in the evenings - Absolutely, we are now open 6 nights per week (just closed on a Thursday ), we have music nights, board games nights, potion making, wand making and a quiz night.  Check out our offering under "night time" on the book online tab.


Dietary requirements - we will do an equally tasty Vegan OR Gluten Free option.   Check out the menu tab for more information.

Things you might want to know?

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