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Wizarding Wednesdays

Bewitch their minds with magical lessons at
The Steel Cauldron

Enchanting Lessons for School Trips

We are excited to bring you school trips with a difference. This is perfect for Key Stage 2 classes with focuses on Creative Writing, Natural Sciences and much more!

We offer a variety of different events to book, including live owl displays, reptile encounters, magic shows and craft experiences.

There is also the opportunity to book food and drink to fuel the eager pupils.

Available lessons to book include:

Live Owl Displays with Prof. Alba and The Flying Squadron

- Embark on a fascinating educational journey with Professor Alba as she unveils the secrets of owls, nature's remarkable predators. Our interactive session delves into the evolution and unique adaptations of these captivating birds. Students will not only meet an array of owl species from both local habitats and global environments but also witness these majestic creatures in awe-inspiring flight demonstrations. This engaging and informative class promises to enrich your curriculum and provide your students with an unforgettable learning experience.

Interactive Reptile Encounters with Scales and Tails

- Discover the thrilling world of reptiles in our hands-on Reptile Encounter Workshop. Guided by the fantastic Debs of Scales and Tails, students have the unique chance to meet, hold, and study a variety of snakes and lizards from around the globe. This interactive session sheds light on the fascinating biology and survival adaptations of these creatures, enhancing students’ understanding through direct engagement. Our workshop is designed to spark curiosity and deepen knowledge, making it an exceptional addition to your school’s science curriculum. Prepare your students for an unforgettable educational adventure that brings learning to life!


Unlock the Magic of Learning with Our Hands-On Craft Workshops. At The Steel Cauldron, we believe in making learning irresistible, and what better way to captivate young minds than through crafting their own magical artifacts? This is a chance to use some different materials to help develop their artistic skills. Stimulate their imagination and innovation with them whipping up a wizards wand, or dreaming up a dragon egg.

Creative Writing Workshops

Delve into the art of creative writing at The Steel Cauldron, where Key Stage 2 pupils can craft poems, spin tales, and describe fantastical creatures. Our workshops blend the fun of puppet shows with the skill of writing, encouraging students to unleash their creativity and capture their imaginations in words. Perfect for young writers eager to explore their literary talents in a magical setting!

Have Questions?

If you have more questions, please head over to our FAQ's page. And if you don't find what you're looking for there, you can always drop us a line. We're on hand to answer any questions or queries you have about The Steel Cauldron.

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