Down the generations the Oddwood's have amassed an eclectic array of some rather curious heirlooms and we would dearly like the opportunity to share them with you. 

Oddwood's cryptic games are coming to The Steel Cauldron, Friday 19th November 2021. Choose your game and embark on a mystery like no other. You and your team will have to work your way through a series of puzzles and challenges to achieve your objective. Take a slice of puzzle box, add a dash of escape room and finish off with a sprinkling of immersive theatre and you won't be far wrong. There are limited spaces, so get booking quickly if you want to grab your spot. Games cost £25 per person.


For the brave souls who take up the challenge


Casket of Curiosity

Choose your game 

Violetta's Grimoire: 

Bad things are happening and darkness has descended over Mothreepton; little sign of it ever lifting. With her source of power missing and the people against her, Violetta’s legacy rests in your hands. 
Immerse yourself in the mystical ways of the elders with the help of Violetta’s Grimoire. You are her only hope.

Groups of 3-4 people
75 minutes of play time
Difficulty level: For those with some experience of puzzle solving

Follow the link below to see her story unfold on screen:

Balthazar's Octorium:

Balthazar Oddwood amassed quite a fortune as a Royal Bard. With little need for a lavish lifestyle he locked away the secrets to its location within this very Octorium. For over 150 years it has remained unopened. Solve the mysteries and unravel the tales to discover the whereabouts of the family hidden wealth.

Groups of 45 people
90 minutes of play time
Difficulty level: For newcomers and seasoned puzzlers alike

Follow the link below to watch his story unfold on screen: 


Do I need to book?

Yes, please book for every body in the building.  We need to know! 

Can I get food?

Sure can, check out the menu here 

Can children come?

We are keen to encourage families to take part in activities together and as such have a licence that allows 14+ in the bar with an adult until 10pm.