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12 Days until we open - what's going on!

Hi all, This is (hopefully) a brief post to update you all on where we are up to and what should be happening over the next few months (global pandemics etc allowing).

OUR REASON WHY! - We have a very simple mission, the reason we are doing what we are doing. TO MAKE YOU HAPPY! This is what we are going to measure everything we do against. We will create an inclusive, safe environment where everyone is welcome and able to enjoy a magical time that is different to anywhere else. Please come with your biggest smiley face, fancy dress is very much encouraged (wizard themed seems appropriate but Spiderman is welcome). We also want our staff to LOVE COMING TO WORK, so please be lovely to them, we will do our best but alas might not always get it 100% right, be forgiving if we don't, we'll make it up to you x

THE BUILDING - We signed the lease on 3 Spooner Road on the 11th March, just in time for lockdown. Over the last 17 weeks we have gutted the building and are now in the final stages of the construction work. There might be a couple of tiny snags still to finish on opening day but we are confident it will be ready for the 31st July. "The Steel Cauldron" is on the ground floor, with "The Steel Wizards Rest" above.

OPENING - We are opening for BOOKING ONLY Wizard's Tea from the 31st July (a certain fictional wizard's 40th birthday). The booking platform will go live on the 22nd (worst case 23rd July) and you will be able to book directly on our website. A £7.50 deposit will be required. If you are redeeming a CROWD FUNDER deal you will be refunded the deposit after your Wizard's Tea. We will email our website subscribers first then put it on Facebook. We are getting ALOT of subscribers and expect to book out quickly so to avoid disappointment subscribe now and keep an eye out for emails from

WIZARD'S TEA - When we launch the book

ing system we will provide a full breakdown of the Wizards Tea (it might change a little due to availability of produce). We will be offering vegan, gluten free and child options. You will have 1 hour (sorry it can't be longer at the moment) so arrive on time :)

COVID 19 - We will be doing everything to operate safely to protect you, our staff and the general population but it is up to you to help. Do not come if you have any potential symptoms and make sure you follow our instructions. Sittings will be an hour each and we ask you to arrive ON TIME (don't come too early as you will not be allowed inside due to social distancing until your booking time). You will receive table service and we ask people where possible to remain in their designated area, toilet trips are permitted.

CAULDRON CLUB - A key part of our plan is "The Cauldron Club" a membership based club that will cost £20 for a family for the year. If you book our Wizards Tea we will give you free membership for the first year. The Cauldron Club will give you access to exclusive events, discounts at our shop, on experiences and of course food and drink when we extend our offering. We will need to take your details when you book (

for contact tracing!) and will ask you then if you want join the Cauldron Club for free.

If so a couple of extra questions will give you the brucie bonus of a years Cauldron Club membership.

THE STEEL WIZARDS REST - We will be opening our wonderfully wizardy overnight accommodation "The Steel Wizards Rest" from the 10th August. It has an amazing 4 poster king sized bed, 2 singles, and a triple bunk with double at the bottom giving a total of 8 bed spaces. Pries will start from just £150 per night. A full post with pictures and online bookings will be launched very shortly. We would recommend booking early as we have had over 20 enquiries already and not put out any details yet. It is going to blow your magical minds :)

THE FUTURE - In order to operate safely we will be offering just Wizard's Tea on launch and will initially open 10am to 5pm every day except Thursday. We will extend our times and offering as soon as we can. We foresee the future and it looks very exciting! We will be offering a host of adult and child magical experiences (potion making, wand fighting, crafting, tech and VR zone, mini escape rooms, quizzes, live music, parties). The space we have is really flexible and we will be wanting to offer lot's of different magical activities to make you smile.

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