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Craft at Home Kit
  • Craft at Home Kit

    Magical Craft at Home Kit by The Steel Cauldron

    ✨ Create Your Own Enchantment ✨

    Discover the magic of crafting with The Steel Cauldron's Magical Craft at Home Kit! Designed for families who cherish creativity and the joy of magic, this kit brings the spellbinding essence of our beloved tea room into your home.

    What’s in the Box?

    • Magical Recycled Cardboard Box: Your adventure begins with a box, but not just any box. This is the first step to unlocking a world of imagination.
    • 4 Wand Cores: Select from Werewolf Fur, Fairy Dust, Chimera Horn, or Griffin Feather to imbue your wand with powers untold.
    • 2 Dragon Egg Cores: Hatch your own dragon companion with these mystical cores.
    • 2 Cauldron Creature Cores: Brew up some fun with cauldron creatures awaiting your summoning.
    • Assorted Jewellery Fastenings: Add sparkle and shine to your magical creations with these bewitching adornments.
    • Plastic Cauldron: Your very own potion pot, perfect for mixing up some crafting magic.
    • 20 Pieces of Coloured Oven Bake Polymer Clay: Mold and shape to your heart’s content with a rainbow of colors at your fingertips.
    • 5 Piece Set of Clay Tools: Every artisan needs their tools, and these are crafted for the hands of the finest magical makers.
    • Instructions in Brown Paper Envelope: Unseal the secrets to crafting wonder with our enchanted guide.

    The Magic Awaits Whether it's for a wizardly party, a family crafting night, or a solo quest for creativity, our Craft at Home kit is the perfect companion. No need for a trip to Diagon Alley; we deliver the magic straight to your door!

    Why Choose Our Kit?

    • All-Inclusive: Everything you need is included, so you can start crafting right away!
    • Eco-Friendly: We love our planet as much as we love our magic, hence the recycled packaging.
    • Easy to Use: Our enchanted instructions make crafting simple and fun for all ages.
    • Educational and Fun: Build skills, learn new crafts, and have a blast doing it!

    Transform the ordinary into the extraordinary with The Steel Cauldron's Magical Craft at Home Kit. Add to your cart and let the magical memories begin!

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