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It's Family Time

Over lockdown we had a bit of time (a lot of time) to think about a group that we will wanted to try and serve.... families with teenage children. We want to provide a safe environment where the whole family can do something together that is a bit more "grown up" and fun! We want you all to feel like kids, together.

As such we changed our licence and can now have teenagers in our bar until 10pm (accompanied by a responsible adult - not a slightly older friend).

Below we have listed a few of the things we do that would be great fun with teenagers:

  • Wizards Tea - our main midday service with table magicians - aimed at all ages

  • Crafting - from 3.30pm we craft. Crafting is not just for little children, nothing makes us happier than seeing a whole family making things together. Your children love it when you take part.

  • Make Your Own Pizza - We bring the ingredients to your table and you can make a pizza and then play a table game (or some of our old school pub games).

  • Quiz Night - You are welcome to bring your teens to our quiz, we would love you to.

  • Tales and Tunes and Music Night - bring them down to listen to live music, if they have the skills they could even take part

  • Tavern Night - Board Games and Pub Games - come and play together.

Fridays from 5.30pm and Saturdays after 8pm are going to be adults only but you are all welcome at all other times.

If you have really little ones then check out our little wizards (toddler mornings) or Wizard School for the budding magicians (6+ and older is easier).

We can't wait to see you and your family at The Steel Cauldron when we reopen as a tea room and tavern on the 17th May.

Stay Magical

Sir Bazil x

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