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Re-opening of The Steel Cauldron

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

We can’t wait to re-open, the poor Cauldron looks so lonely without lot’s of happy smiling faces. But fear not, the magic spark is ready to burst into flame again and rise like Fawkes from the ashes. It seems like forever since we were last open and indeed it will have been nearly 7 months by the time we are able to welcome people back to our tea room and tavern.

Following Boris's latest announcements we are (at the time of writing) expecting to open as a shop and takeaway drinks from the start of May / late April and then open fully as a tearoom, tavern and lot's more from May 17th.

Our mission is and always will be to make people happy and offer different things for different interests and age groups. We are going to be making a special effort from May to improve our offering to families with children between 10 and 18 and as such we are now delighted that we have changed our licence and will be welcoming children 14 and over to the Cauldron up to 10pm on every night (except Fridays and Saturday nights – when we will keep a more adult vibe).

Below we have set out our plan for the Steel Cauldron when we re-open. This is subject to change and will be confirmed when we make our services bookable (probably during early April when there is more certainty as to when we will definitely start).

MONDAY – From 12 noon we will open the tearoom until 3pm when we will change to a tearoom and crafting until 7pm and then “make your own pizza” and board games evening aimed at families (and others).

TUESDAY – We will run our popular pre-school session from 9.30 am until 11am before opening as a tearoom at 12, crafting at 3 and then a quiz night (14 and over welcome – obviously with parents) from 8pm.

WEDNESDAY – Same as Monday but with a stronger board game theme. We will also look to add various traditional bar games over coming months.

THURSDAY – We are currently looking at launching a unique twist on company team building days and have some great plans. We will provide a very inclusive and fun day out allowing people to get to know their colleagues better whilst undertaking various team building and crafty activities.

FRIDAY – Pre-school session from 9.30am followed by tearoom from 12 and crafting from 3pm. At 5.30pm we become adult only and will be launching our “early bar” promotions until 8pm before “Friday Night at the Steel Cauldron”.

SATURDAY – From 9.30am we will run “Wizard School” with extra sessions during school holidays, before becoming a tea room at 12 noon and crafting from 3pm. At 7.30pm we will become a tavern for over 18’s only.

SUNDAY – Tearoom from 11am with crafting from 3pm and Tales and Tunes from 8pm allowing those 14 and over to enjoy live music and story-telling.

We have changed the layout at the Cauldron with a larger shop (3 times bigger than previously) and designated “comfy area” with sofa’s and armchairs where people can just drop in for cake and a drink without needing to book.

We have also made improvements to the Steel Wizards Rest and it will be available to book as soon as the law allows. It will be the perfect place for a short magical family break.

We are so looking forward to eventually re-opening and welcoming you all to The Steel Cauldron, keep an eye out on our website and social media as we look to launch bookings in early to mid April.

Stay Magical,

Rob, Nikki, and all the Steel Cauldron Team.

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