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We are opening on the 31st July for Wizard's Tea

What a journey we have been on! Who knew that doing a full renovation on an almost derelict pub, during lockdown could be so much fun! We have done so many things we have never done before and to be honest we are blown away by the results. The Steel Cauldron is going to be AMAZING!

For obvious reasons we are going to open with an ONLINE BOOKINGS ONLY, Wizard's Tea for 2 to 10 + people. We expect to run servings between 10am and 4pm every day but Thursday and will be serving a delicious magical smorgersbord of wizardy treats. Pictures, pricing and ability to book online will be released shortly.

We will also be opening the "Steel Wizards Rest" around the same time. We are currently living upstairs whilst fitting the bathroom, kitchen, toilet, home cinema, fourposter bed, tripple decker bunk bed and of course a wizard street! It is going to be sensational when finished, a real family treat. Again bookings will open soon!

In the mean time I shall leave you with a "work in progress" picture of the "Wisewood tree", our latest build and at risk of waving my own wand.... a masterpiece of pipes, papier mache, and repurposed welsh beach drift wood (which smells of the sea when you cut it).

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Looks amazing. Cannot wait to visit!! My grandchildren are all Harry Potter fans in fact the whole family are!! Hope to visit soon.

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