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Our Evening and Daytime Plans for October

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Firstly a huge thanks to everyone who supported us during August and so far during September, it has been a great six weeks, we have thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and hope you have too.

As there is quite a lot to mention we thought it would be best to do this in a blog with links to the various bits that may interest you. This is the definitive guide to our October Offering so please give it a read :)


We have finally moved out so now you can move in! Escape the Covid blues and bring your social bubble for a night away at our Wizard Themed Apartment. It sleeps up to 8, has a home cinema, pop corn maker, triple decker bunks and a Wizardy street! From just £150 per night you can CLICK HERE to find out more.


School holidays and weekends were nuts during August and have remained busy during September weekends but the middle of the week has been really quiet. We are determined to stay open but can't afford to do so unless the numbers increase. We have also had to make changes to our kids parties due to the new 6 person rule. We are therefore changing our offering to allow more craft time and allow small groups to celebrate birthdays in a safe and compliant way.


  • BREAKFAST 8am - 10.30am - (to launch mid Oct) Butties and a drink for probably £5.

  • LUNCH 12pm - 2pm (last sitting) - launching 2nd October - magicians will tour the tables and you can choose from our "Spooky Wizards Tea", Cauldrons, Cake or Pumpkin Soup. Prices from £5 - £12. BOOK HERE

  • CRAFT AND FOOD - 3.30pm - 5.15pm (last sitting) An hour and a half booking slot during which time you can do 1 of 4 crafts (currently wand making / bathbomb making / Mandrake making and Wizardy Pot Painting) whilst enjoying some food and drink (we will not do hot food during this sitting). You do not have to craft and can just come in for some food and a drink. BOOK HERE


  • LUNCH - 10.30am - 2.15pm - As above BOOK HERE

  • CRAFT AND FOOD - 3.30pm - 5.15pm - As above BOOK HERE


We are taking a bit of a risk and going to open our evening activities up to 6 days a week. People really don't seem to be going out in the evenings but we are hoping that if we offer some different and fun things to do in a safe, socially distanced environment then people will venture out. So please do support the following nights and help us spread the word.

SUNDAY - TALES AND TUNES - It's back and better than ever, our resident story teller, Tom Garside is bringing his tales and tunes night to the Steel Cauldron. We are launching on Sunday 20th September with a great line up of musicians and story tellers (even Sir Bazil is having a go!) On launch night our own Indonesian queen of the kitchen, Hari, will be cooking up some Indonesian finger food (for free). Come down and enjoy the night in what we are sure will be a fun, inspiring and supportive environment. FREE BOOK HERE

MONDAY - OPEN MIC NIGHT - Hosted by our very own maestro Danny (wizardy name coming shortly) we will be launching our live music night on the 5th October. Keep an eye on the website for more info! We will be closed on Mondays until the launch. BOOKING SOON

TUESDAY - QUIZ NIGHT - Starting on the 22nd of September we are launching "STEEL QUIZARDS" our weekly quiz. It will have local trivia, general knowledge, and music and picture rounds with a weekly "Wizard themed" bonus round. Steel Cauldron vouchers for the winners. FREE - BOOK HERE

WEDNESDAY - TAVERN NIGHT - Launching with a mead flavoured bang (a pop up mead sampling bar) and medieval guitar music on the 30th September our aim is to create the greatest D&D night in the world and we want you to help up create it. You are also welcome to bring any other games of your choice. We will be closed on Wednesdays until the launch.


FRIDAY - FRIDAYS @ THE STEEL CAULDRON have been going for 3 weeks and we have had great fun. Make a wand, bring a game, listen to some music, be amazed by magic and have a drink. Our aim is to create a safe and fun space for you to relax in. On Friday 25th September we are running our first "MAGIC FRIDAY" when we will have both cabaret and table magicians putting on a show. Tickets will be £5 per person and available online. £5 - BOOK HERE

Alternatively come on another Friday (no magic guaranteed) BOOK HERE

SATURDAY - SATURDAYS @ THE STEEL CAULDRON are up and running! Just like a Friday it is an informal walk in night. Half the tickets can be reserved for free - FREE - BOOK HERE

At the end of the month (Friday 30th October) we are planning our first big (ish) night to support the Sheffield Childrens' Hospital Charity. A Halloween themed event that will sell out quickly! Keep an eye on this site for the launch!

So, as you can see, we have a lot planned! We really do need your support. It is tough at the moment, we are determined not to close during the week and to create some fun night time events but we need you to come on down. Please come down, help us create something really magical!

Thanks again,

Rob (Sir Bazil), Nikki (Nikita Wonks) and all the Steel Cauldron Team xxx

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