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Why are we opening the Steel Cauldron?

We thought it would be interesting for people to understand a little bit more about us and why we are opening the Steel Cauldron, here goes....

We (Rob and Nikki) live with our two children Joe and Hattie in Crookes, Sheffield. Nikki has been a "Potterhead" before JK Rowling wrote her first book whilst Rob had a secret love of dungeons and dragons and fantasy things long before geek became chic.

We've got to that age (40's) where you recognise that it is time to stop taking life too seriously and crack on with bring a bit of fun and laughter to the world. Over the last few years we have visited all sorts of Wizard themed attractions and always had fun (it brings out the inner child), we even took the kids with us once or twice. Last summer Nikki's sister told us of a place that had opened up and so we visited (in fact this photo was taken in the queue). Almost in passing Nikki said we should open a Wizard themed cafe in Sheffield..... and so the journey began.

Momentarily distracted by Nikki's bright purple hair I replied that that sounded like an excellent idea! Next followed 6 months of research necessitating more wizardy trips and we had decided that we were ready to go. We quit the muggle world and will be launching the Steel Cauldron in Sheffield as soon as possible. At the time of writing this post we are trying to finalise the lease of a building (there are 3 options) and then we reckon it will take a couple of months to get ready for opening. We certainly hope to be open by the summer of 2020. We are looking at properties that are quite large (not a small shop / cafe) as we want to have plenty of room to have a tea room, cauldron club, wizard school and shop. We want to create a venue that people will travel to come to and then want to come back again. Researching this we have found so many really cool things that adults and kids will be able to do and are so excited to share this with you all.

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